How to Pay for Health Care in Retirement

unsplash-breakfastbHealth care in retirement is available from many sources. Government programs (such as Medicaid and Medicare) offer numerous health care benefits. However, you may need to purchase supplemental health insurance or Medigap, as well. Most Americans are eligible to begin receiving Medicare benefits at age 65, but qualifying for Medicaid may require some planning on your part. In addition to these resources, you may also be entitled to military health care benefits if you are a veteran, retired service member, or the spouse or widow of a veteran or retired service member. Continuing care retirement communities and nursing homes also offer health care services for older individuals. Depending on your specific needs and circumstances, you may use any number of these resources during your retirement years. Continue reading

How Early Should You Start Your Estate Planning

unsplash-dadSimply stated, estate planning is a method for determining how to distribute your property during your life and at your death. It is the process of developing and implementing a master plan that facilitates the distribution of your property after your death and according to your goals and objectives.

At your death, you leave behind the people that you love and all your worldly goods. Without advance planning, you have no say about who gets what, and more of your property may go to others, like the federal government, instead of your loved ones. If you care about (1) how and to whom your property is distributed, and (2) ensuring that your property is preserved for your loved ones, you need to know more about estate planning. Continue reading

Why Financial Dashboards are Becoming Standard for Personal Finances

unsplash-dashboard2Our lives have increasingly become more complicated and busy. Our financial lives are no different. Most of us have multiple credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, investment accounts, 401(k) accounts and insurance policies. Monitoring each account can be time consuming. Seeing how they all work together to achieve your personal goals can be even more challenging.

A single Financial Dashboard makes getting organized simple and it allows you to see your entire financial picture in one safe location. Most dashboards provide easy to use graphs and reports that provide a simple snapshot of your financial net worth. Other features allow you to streamline the creation of a budget and allow easy maintenance to help you stay on track with your financial goals. Continue reading