If your name is on it, IdShield will monitor it. Your Social Security number, driver’s license, passport, credit cards, bank accounts, medical records and more – leaving nothing about protecting your identity to chance. If your identity is breached, Kroll Risk Management will assign a Private Investigator to your case to restore your identity for you. Learn More…


LegalShield provides clients with services such as Estate Documents, Adoption Representation and IRS Audit Guidance.

LegalShield also provides Small Business clients assistance with Human Resource, Employment, Intellectual Property and Tax Law.  Learn More…



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The Mission of Founders Financial, Inc. is “To Positively Impact the Lives and Professions of Those We Serve, Always Building A Community Of Spirit And Purpose As We Grow Our Collective Human Quotient™”

The unique difference between their service offerings compared to most others is best found in the purpose of their actions. At the time of their launch in 1994, great emphasis was placed upon building their “tools” as aligned with their collective heart which is represented in their Mission, Vision & Value Proposition.

It remains their firm belief as an enterprise that, through their Finite Focus of building and honoring relationships, they will mutually achieve the Infinite Rewards that are created from an empowered, trusting group of like-minded purpose-based leaders